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New Video Demonstrates Adjustable Seat Technology

Simply, there was no better way to demonstrate the need for an adjustable seat concept like ours than to install a real-life prototype into a vehicle. Over the course of a year, we diligently created this fully functioning seat to be installed in a Ford Explorer. Taking concept to reality, seeing is believing.

We were able to remove just one seat and replace it with our technology-equipped seat without impeding on the space of adjacent seats. This is an important facet of this seat. With designing to fit in standard OEM seat widths, we can show the possibility of placing more than one seat side-by-side. Additionally, we wanted to match the OEM interior to show a factory look with amazing capabilities.

How did we program the seat to move? For the demonstration seat, we have connected to it, an independent touch screen with software that requests the height and weight input for the child. After the input is entered, the seat will automatically adjust itself to the optimal configuration. For new vehicle integration, this user interface and software would be installed in the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing easy access by the driver or front passenger.

While we put the focus on child passenger, we also want to touch on this seat’s capability for special needs children and adults. For all circumstances where the traditional seat belt system needs more features, our seat technology provides this and more. We hope you’ll take the time to watch our new video and to see this seat in action.

Through keeping a conversation open with safety advocates, first responders, and parents – we hope that this sparks questions and curiosity. When the statistics indicate that one in three car seats are installed incorrectly and over 75% of child passenger injuries are preventable, we must introduce a solution. In our seat – we believe we have the innovation that will curb the statistics.

We now challenge car makers and seat manufacturers to take the next step in ensuring that our vision to curb the statistics keeps moving forward.

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FOUR-EVER IN MOTION’s Adjustable Seat Technology Founder Achieves National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification

The company’s co-founder, Lenard Ascher, recently completed his National Child Passenger Safety Technician certification.  As the premise of the FOUR-EVER IN MOTION seat technology, Lenard and Barb, also co-owner, are dedicated to doing their part in preventing child passenger safety injuries.

Lenard became a national certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician through completing and passing the certification course. He now joins a prestigious team of over 39,000 nationally CPS technicians. “After the initial development of our seat technology, I wanted to continue to be a part of a team that continues to reach out to the public and parents in order to help educate them on ways to keep their children as safe as possible, especially during transport,” said Lenard. “The certification course was demanding and presented such in-depth information. I am extremely proud to be a certified technician.”

To read the full press release of Lenard’s certification, click here.

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