Do you know when and how? New parents tend to seek advice from family and friends to ensure that they are putting their kids in the correct types of car seats. While the selection of car seats on the market today are vast – some with more bells and whistles than others, one thing remains paramount, and that is knowing and understanding the proper and safest way to secure children in cars.

There are different safety measures for children of different ages and sizes. Chicco has come out with a visual diagram that shows the general how-to’s when it comes to understanding the ages and stages of car seats.

Chicco Car Seat Stages - FOUR-EVER IN MOTION

As a child grows, your investment also grows when it comes to getting the proper car seats. Over the course of eight years, most parents purchase on average four car seats for one child. If there are fewer years in between your children, then you may benefit from already having an appropriate car seat. However, if you have more years in between your children, then the expiration date on the car seat will invalidate it, therefore creating the need to purchase another car seat and more as the child grows.

With our adjustable car seat technology, it was designed for situations like the one outlined above. Through four appropriate settings, you can accommodate infants to adults in a single seat. When carriers are necessary, our seat technology further ensures that the carrier is properly secured.