Our patented infant to adult adjustable car seat technology was designed to enhance safety for several modes of transportation. At the forefront of our efforts is to integrate the car seat technology into new vehicles. Allowing the car maker to customize the look of the seat will not sacrifice the core components of our car seat technology which has four adjustable settings that accommodate infants to adults. For additional information on the car seat, see our press release.

Lenard and Barb Ascher, inventors of the car seat technology, have four grandchildren, to whom they had provided daily transportation to for a period of five years. Through this period of time, a new grandchild was born as the other three children grew older. With the constant changing and moving of car seats to accommodate different transportation scenarios, the Aschers developed the car seat technology to not only accommodate children at different growth stages, but to also ensure a better success rate in securing children as they grow.

With every state defining their own car seat laws, we understand that advocacy and helping facilitate proper car safety information is paramount. To learn more about our adjustable car seat, see our video below.

JUST RELEASED: See our patented adjustable seat technology in full motion as it is integrated into an SUV. This seat, while fully functioning, is currently used for demonstration purposes only.

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