Safe Kids Worldwide is the leading educator, organizer and certification organization for child passenger safety technicians. Safety technicians get certified because they are passionate about keeping kids safe during vehicle transportation. The statistics are still much too high on preventable child injuries and deaths in vehicle accidents. Why you ask?

One big reason is that the majority of parents and guardians are likely to think that they are properly securing their children. However, with so many car seats available on the market – the same way you use one brand’s car seat isn’t necessarily the same way that you’ll use another brand’s car seat.

What if you’ve been securing your child wrong this entire time? Well, child passenger safety technicians are readily available through car seat check up events to let you know if your child is properly secured. Remember, knowledge is going to keep your children safe.

Nationally, and throughout the year, Safe Kids Worldwide has car seat check up events. Even if you think you’re securing your child correctly, we encourage you to double check at one of their events – and the check up is FREE! After all, the check up can save a life.

For the latest car seat check up events, click here to head over to the Safe Kids Worldwide Events page.